Zee.Aero The Compact Flying Car
Kyle Maxey posted on November 25, 2013 | 17883 views

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In the past we’ve shown you a few flying car designs. While some were more fantasy than reality, none were quite like the Zee.Aero .

Sporting 8 vertically oriented propellers the Zee.Aero, created by NASA aerospace engineer and professor Ilan Kroo, is designed to operate fit within the same size envelope as a normal, terrestrial car. However, unlike the cars that you and I drive the Zee.Aero will fly.

According to patent fillings the canard winged craft will use battery power to generate lift with its eight propellers. Once aloft the vehicle will engage two propellers at its rear to push it forward.  Although the overall design for the Zee.Aero appears to be in place, none of its performance specs have been announced.

While the Zee.Aero is still in the early design phase the company has a number of engineering and technician positions available on its website which has to mean the endeavor is serious about creating a flying car.  What’s more, a photo recently published by San Francisco Gate shows a rather large model of the Zee.Aero sitting out on a concrete slab for, what one can only presume, is some sort of flight test.

How long it will take Zee.Aero to develop a vehicle ready certification tests is anyone’s guess, but given the progress that’s already been made it might only be a matter of years before we see the first Zee.Aero take flight.

Images Courtesy of Zee.Aero & SFGate

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