The 1000HP Ford GT
Kyle Maxey posted on August 23, 2013 | 12238 views

Galphin Auto Sports, a company steeped in over 60 years of automotive customization, has created their first supercar – The Galphin Ford GTR1

While Ford hasn’t produced a GT model since 2006, Galphin has taken it upon themselves to resurrect and redefine the performance of the stylish racer. To do the iconic sports car justice, Galphin nearly doubled the power of the GT’s originally impressive 550 HP engine with a new 1024HP 5.4L V8 behemoth. According to Galphin this upgrade will give the mid-engine supercar the ability to reach speeds of 225mph with a 0-100km (0-60mph) time of 3.1 seconds.

In addition to its engine upgrades Galphin, in partnership with concept car builder Metalcrafters, made room for the car’s new engine by creating an entirely new aluminum body, widening the car’s body by a full five inches.

On top of these improvements Galphin also gave the GTR1 “20 inch forged aluminum knock off wheels, Pirelli P-Zero tires, 6 piston brakes with full carbon rotors, and jeweled head and tail lamps.

Galphin plans to produce no more that 24 of these spectacular autos, making them a truly exclusive revival of an American classic. If you’re interested in getting your hand on a GTR1 be prepared to open your wallet.  The asking price, $1,024,000, which isn’t too bad considering you’ll be getting Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti performance.

Images Courtesy of Galphin & BrianZuk

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