Designer Edge Image of the Day – F-35B Night Landing at Sea
Kyle Maxey posted on August 23, 2013 | 7816 views

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It seems that the X-47B isn’t the only aircraft being put through it’s paces at sea. In a newly released video the US Navy has confirmed the next-generation, do-anything F-35B has successfully completed it’s first vertical landing on a carrier at night.

The F-35B’s new achievement was completed during a weekly long series of test called the Ship Suitability Sea Trials the lasted from August 12 – August 18.  During that time the plane make 40 short take-offs followed by 41 vertical landings.

With these trial behind it, the F-35B looks well on its way to entering operational capability with US Marine Corp during 2015.

Images and Video Courtesy of Lockheed Martin & US Navy

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