Designer Edge Image of the Day – Gauss Gun
Kyle Maxey posted on August 12, 2013 | 9727 views

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Step aside 3D printed guns, there’s a new DIY weapon in town, the GG-42 Gauss gun. The Gauss gun, commonly known as a coil gun, uses a battery powered electromagnetic linear motor to fire its payload.  In the case of the GG-42, the ammunition of choice is potentially more terrifying than real bullets as it replaces them with nails. To further stoke your fears the GG-42 can carry 15 nails in a single “clip” and unload them all at a velocity of 42m/s (138 ft/s) in a scant 1.5 seconds.

While 3D printed guns can be had by anyone with an Internet connection and access to a printer, Guass guns are, thankfully, a bit harder to make. Want to see what the GG-42 can do? Take a look below.

Images and Video Courtesy of DeltaVeng

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