We need your ideas for a fun engineering project
John Hayes posted on July 19, 2013 |
You’ll get a golf shirt and a video credit

Some Assembly Required is one of the most popular shows ENGINEERING.com has ever produced. We need your ideas for the next episodes.

In previous episodes, Torben Ruddock has built:

Hovercraft you can ride

Giant Air Cannon

 Now our original sponsor, Autodesk, wants us to build new devices that can be modeled with their ForceEffect and ForceEffect motion software.

ForceEffect is a static analysis package that runs on a tablet (either iPad or Android) and now on the Chrome browser as well. I just downloaded it to my Samsung Galaxy and it's pretty cool. You use your fingers to sketch out simple diagrams of static objects and then calculate the forces that impact them.

So here's where we need your help. What should Torben build that will have to withstand static forces? Obvious ideas are bridges, tables and chairs. Let us know what you think in the comments. We'll send a golf shirt to whoever posts an idea that we use.

ForceEffect Motion is a similar app that lets you animate your ForceEffect models. Your ideas on what to build for this episode would be helpful as well.

What do you think of a crane that we could use to move heavy items like rocks in a backyard? Or a cardboard bicycle? Or a soap box derby car?

Looking for some help here.



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