Honda’s New Fire Belching 1000cc Mower.
Kyle Maxey posted on July 19, 2013 | 11865 views

mower, honda, tractor, speed, racing, UK, There’s something satisfying about riding your mower on a hot summer day, carefully manicuring the lawn around your home. But, what if your mower was a 1000cc beast?

In combination with Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner, Team Dynamics, Honda engineers created the world’s first racing mower.

The concept behind Honda’s Mean Mower was pretty simple – Can we build an incredibly fast mower that keeps its original look and can still cut grass? Impressively, the joint engineering team was up to the task creating what is most certainly the world’s fastest mower.

Built around the body of Honda’s HF260 Lawn Tractor, the Mean Mower, packs 109hp.  Due to its 140kg (308lb) weight, Honda’s mower is capable of moving from 0-96km/h (60mph) in 4 seconds.  The machine has an estimated top speed of 130 mph.

To round out the whole package Honda created a custom chromoly-tubed chassis to house the mowers impressive mechanics, which includes a Scorpion exhaust system that not only bellows at 130dB but also spits fire as well.

Although the Mean Mower can reach speeds that rival most production sports cars, it wasn’t designed to cut grass at that speed. According to Honda the machine is only capable of hitting a top speed of 24 km/h (15 mph) while maintaining a lawn.

Unfortunately, Honda has no plans of mass producing its Mean Mower. That means that Saturday’s yard work will have to plod on at its usual, slow pace, unless, of course, you’re up for a little bit of hacking!

Watch a Video of the Honda in Action:

Images and Video Courtesy of Honda UK

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