Glass Highways and Smart Parking Lots
Tom Spendlove posted on July 15, 2013 | 7305 views

Scott Brusaw is trying to solve two major problems with one solution in this Solve for X speech.  Scott’s company, Solar Roadways, wants to protect the environment while stimulating the economy. 

Solar Roadway is developing panels that will generate electricity without coal or petroleum while also making electric vehicles more viable. Bursaw has ideas about job creation during installation and maintenance of the roadways, creating the smart grid, pulling away from dependence on fossil fuel, and a sensor / response system that can do everything from act as an emergency warning system to enhancing night visibility.

The panels have three layers, beginning with a glass panel that has undergone traction testing, load testing and impact resistance testing. A prismatic hexagonal textured shape helps to absorb sunlight from any angle while also project LED light in every direction.

The middle layer contains the microprocessor that senses loads from the road surface, sends communication to the rest of the grid, and contains the heating element that will keep ice and snow off of road surfaces.

The bottom layer acts as the smart grid, transmitting power up and down the road with the possibility of fiber-optic cables and leaky cables to bring internet access and eliminate the need for cell phone towers.

Watching this video truly allows you to believe that if Scott Brusaw was given the opportunity to transform the approximately 28,000 square miles of American road and parking lot surface, the world could be a much more efficient place.

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