Designer Edge Image of the Day - 6-7-13 - BYU's 1,300 MPG Car
Kyle Maxey posted on June 07, 2013 |

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While 50 MPG is pretty impressive to most of us commuters, students at BYU have designed a car that can travel and astonishing 1,300 miles on a single gallon of gas. Built to compete in this year’s SAE Supermileage Competition the BYU team is looking to push the limits of fuel efficiency and has aims to best their already impressive fuel economy.

According to Gary Ellingson, one of the projects engineers, “Our plan is to get at least one qualified run in and then really push the limits of what the car can do,” Ellingson said. “We’re going for 2,000 miles per gallon.”

Watch a Video of the Car in Action:

Image Courtesy of BYU

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