SrinSoft’s Adaptation to COVID-19
Staff posted on June 29, 2020 |
A software and engineering design company based in Dublin, Ohio, shares their adaptive action.

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(Image courtesy of SrinSoft.)
(Image courtesy of SrinSoft.)


Impact The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought enormous personal, economic, and social damage. It has provided a new set of acute shocks to seemingly sturdy businesses and principles that have guided our thinking for decades. Wrapping our minds around what is happening is enormously difficult. Out of nowhere, COVID-19 has emerged as the top agenda item for leaders of organizations of all types: governments, NGOs, and the private sector. With this being all over, SrinSoft has imposed various methods for the company to be up and running.

SrinSoft Adoption Methodologies

  1. Customers - Connecting with Changing Customer Habits.
  2. People - Unifying Teams with Opportunity Resilience.
  3. Strategy - Following Agility Processes across the Organization.
  4. Revenue - Building Resources to Identify New Opportunities & Markets.

Turning Massive Challenges to Changes

The implementation of safe work practices to limit exposure to COVID-19 at work requires first assessing the risks, and then implementing the hierarchy of controls. Thus, started the WFM Policy (Work from Home) which enabled the employees all over the world to work from the safety and comfort of their homes. Usage of various audio and video conferencing tools has sky-rocketed in the past few months to maintain proper communication between the various teams and the management. What was earlier only considered as a mode of communication with our external customers, is now the most used mode of communication within the same teams. The coronavirus outbreak has forced us to re-evaluate how contact centres are leveraged, how employees deliver relevant customer experiences, where they work, and how digital channels can be used to support business continuity through the crisis and beyond. SrinSoft has always been in the forefront of the multitude of solutions offered by us in spite of the overwhelming competition and this was yet another time for us to test our readiness and preparedness, a test that we came out with flying colors. Being a Digital and IT technologies service provider ourselves, we implemented a great deal of digital tools to integrate and manage all our systems, our people, our customers, and our assets from one platform.


Leading through Crisis We made sure to equip all our employees with the necessary tools and accessories to deliver our services as always with no impact for our customers. We provide engineering and IT products, services, and consulting for customers across the globe, private and federal equally, which demands us to be on our toes all the time, well now at least on our fingers all the time. Striking a balance between working from home and still able to serve while also upholding the morality and emotional stability of our employees was our primary intent. We had to navigate through the financial and operational challenges of our businesses, prioritizing on stabilizing revenues, aligning our businesses with evolving demand and identifying new growth pathways. We made use of both off-the-shelf products readily available in the market like the Microsoft Office Suite of products including Teams, Stream, Power BI and Projects in addition to our existing Dynamics CRM, One Drive, Share Point, Outlook, etc., or the Google Suite, the Vonage apps, the Go To Meeting and assist applications, the VPNs and our own custom-made Organization management tools, to seamlessly connect with people and access all our data from anywhere so that the transition from working to home wasn’t a burden.

Post-Pandemic Regulations

Once we reach the other side of this pandemic, it will be important to establish long-term strategies for greater resilience and to apply lessons learned from the experience to create systems and talent roadmap that better prepares the company for future disruptions. The coronavirus pandemic has started a revolution on how multinational entities will strategically approach their business model going forward as they deal with day-to-day operations. We expect the world to look different post COVID-19 and while the short-term outlook might be gloomy, history shows markets and society at large does not only recover after a crisis but comes back stronger and we sure will!

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