Share Your COVD-19 Stories: FAQs
Roopinder Tara posted on May 05, 2020 |
Your questions answered. will help you tell your COVID-19 story. You can submit your story here, as many have already done.

Here we attempt to answer a few questions that have come up.

What are the editorial guidelines for publication?

Articles should be entirely focused on aspects of your business as it relates to COVID-19. For example:

How is your company adapting to change, helping others, stopping the spread, etc.?

Articles should not overly promote the company, its products or services. Best to let your actions in a time of need speak for themselves.

What voice should I use?

Your voice, or your company voice, is fine. We are not adopting the voice for your COVID-19 story.

However, we recommend you avoid 1st person point of view.

Will be editing the articles?

We plan to do a light editing, if at all, on your story. We will probably create titles and subheads that we know work best for our audience. Our lawyers say we have to say this:

We reserve the right to edit submissions for style, length, clarity and language. Also, we reserve the right to accept and decline articles.

How long will you be accepting COVID-19 stories?

We plan to run this program through the pandemic but, again, a word from our lawyers:

This program can be canceled at any time without notice.

What’s the best type of article?

A story narrative is best, but we can work with a news release, too.

Can I see an example of a submitted COVID-19 story?

Yes, see this Contact Tracing App Tells You COVID-19 is Close

How long should the articles be?

Articles about COVID-19 can be as little as 500 words if you have only a short message. We have found it takes at least 1200 words to tell a story and the longer length is better received by our readers.

What format should the article be in?

We prefer MS Word documents but we can also handle other formats (Acrobat, Google docs, etc.)

Should I have a picture?

Yes. Articles should have at least one picture. We’d prefer you embed graphics in the document but can handle separate graphics.

Where can I get answers to other questions?

You can email our director of content, Roopinder Tara, at

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