COVID-19: Can You Help Solve the Ventilator Shortage?
Staff posted on March 14, 2020 |
Mechanical ventilation is vital to treatment for the worst cases of the illness.

For the unfortunate victims of the COVID-19 virus who require hospitalization, mechanical ventilation is often the key to survival. But are there enough ventilators to serve all the patients who need them?

According to a recent New York Time article, the U.S. has approximately 800,000 hospital beds and 68,000 intensive care unit beds, and less than 100,000 ventilators. In a worst-case scenario, a million Americans may require ICU care for the illness. The implication is clear.

In Italy, physicians are prioritizing care for patients most likely to survive with a wartime-like triage methodology, which can mean that the old and very weak may not receive the ventilation that could save their lives.

Can engineers design a quick, scalable solution to the problem?

The online collaboration platform Projectboard is soliciting idea from engineers and inventors worldwide looking for a solution to this pressing problem. Can you help? Click here and contribute your concepts to provide the life saving technology the world needs to solve the ventilator shortage.

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