Genovation Introduces the World’s Fastest Electric Production Car
Kyle Maxey posted on October 17, 2019 |
A gutted Corvette becomes the vehicle to expand the definition of all-electric speed.

Maryland’s Genovation has announced that it—not Tesla, and not Taycan—will be the company to produce the world’s fastest all-electric production auto.

Called the GXE, the Genovation product sports a ZR1 Corvette body redesigned to house an 800 horsepower powerplant. With that drive, the GXE is reported to push travel well beyond the 200mph threshold with some internal estimates stating that it will top out at 220mph.

Still, there are a few drawbacks to the GXE.

According to Genovation, the GXE will only carry a 175-mile range, putting it well short of what Tesla is offering with all of its models. There’s also the price. Genovation has set the mark for acquisition at $750,000, which, at that price, would net you a fleet of top-end Tesla’s.

So, presumably with the same amount of money that you’d spend on a single GXE, you could stagger the placement of each of your Tesla’s roughly 300 miles apart and travel from New York City to Houston, Texas without having to pause for a charging break once.

But, that’s a patently absurd idea...And really, so is the GXE.

As a demonstrator, the GXE is a remarkable machine, but as a product, it just falls short of expectation given its limited range, high price and, most importantly, the need to possess some otherworldly control and reflexes if one is to safely reach and control a car travelling at tremendous speed. 

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