CES 2019 Round-Up: Artificial Intelligence
Matthew Greenwood posted on January 10, 2019 |
New AI-driven technologies by Solaborate, Travis, Baracoda Group, Nanit, AI Poly and Mixfit.


Described as “the world’s most powerful end-to-end encrypted communication device,” Solaborate’s HELLO 2 platform transforms any television set into a powerful communications device that responds intelligently to voice and touch.

The device, which includes a 4K camera with night vision, wireless connectivity, sophisticated privacy controls, can turn a touch TV into a whiteboard and video conferencing platform. It can also integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. And Solaborate is opening the device’s platform to developers so that they can create extensions that will expand the device’s functionalities.

Travis Touch

The Travis Touch pocket translator instantly translates more than 100 languages. It is an AI-based device that translates a user’s speech into another language and then back into the original. Powered by a quad-core processer, the Travis Touch works via 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can also function off-line. The business edition includes an additional feature that syncs all your conversations to the cloud so they can be reviewed in their original language as well as the translated language.

CareOS Artemis

Baracoda’s CareOS Artemis is an AI- and AR-powered, smart health and beauty hub with more than 50 integrated Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services delivered through a connected “smart mirror.” It combines AI, augmented reality (AR), 4D visualization, voice command, facial and object recognition, and data tracking to create a personalized user experience. CareOS can function in any wellness venue: private bathroom, hotel, spa, and beauty or hair salon.

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

The Nanit is an advanced nursery camera that tracks a baby’s movement and monitors their sleep. The device uses smart algorithms to identify patterns, compares the baby’s sleep with healthy averages, and provides actionable advice and sleep tips based on direct observations of the child. It includes real-time HD video with night vision, a night light, temperature and humidity sensors.

Poly Autonomous Store Platform

This technology platform promises to turn any space into a fully working market—without lines or checkout counters. Its AI uses a series of cameras to track item placement on shelves, replace inventory, understand customer movement patterns, and conduct monetary transactions every few milliseconds.


This kitchen countertop device uses AI to analyze a user’s lifestyle, diet and exercise regime to produce a personalized nutritional drink that optimizes nutrients and minerals—in real time. The device also offers a monthly subscription that monitors a user’s levels and initiates a shipment automatically. It can also be customized for vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and naturally sourced dietary needs or preferences.

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