Is This the Next Jump in Lightsaber Technology?
Tom Spendlove posted on January 07, 2019 |

The engineers and designers from Solaari work to design ‘fun, trendy and high quality products’ with a focus on innovation and science fiction. Over the last two years members of the research and development team developed a lightsaber that began as a small batch of prototypes and is now being marketed through a Kickstarter campaign. The WAAN is an app connected lightsaber that is said to be realistic and shock-proof with an audio component.

The WAAN was developed with a professional swordsmaster on the team in addition to the technology and sound components, designed to make sure the experience of swinging a lightsaber around is as immersive as possible. Instead of using prerecorded sounds the system uses a digital signal processor and algorithm to create sounds as the saber is swung through the air. Three different styles will be available, with the S-WAAN at 36 millimeters diameter, 316 millimeter length and weighing 235 grams with the battery. At the time of the campaign the blade length was not finalized but the probable lengths are in the 8-900 millimeter range. The app gives control of brightness, a library of sound effects including the familiar sound from the movies, and thousands of colors. Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connection links the app and the sword and can also transmit the sound to wireless speakers or headphones. The system uses rechargeable batteries contained in the handle, and the current claim is that batteries will last six hours forty minutes on a charge.

A high-end lightsaber with app driven customization is something that would never cross my mind although I’ve definitely swung several objects through the air making the iconic whooshing noise since the late 70s. The campaign has resonated with several fans and raised more than $60,000 and 30 comments on their page in the first five days, and ends on February 2, 2019.

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