Xenith Shadow Aims to Up Football Safety
Jeffrey Heimgartner posted on January 03, 2019 |
Xenith Shadow. (Image courtesy of Xenith.)
Xenith Shadow. (Image courtesy of Xenith.)

While football helmets have come a long way from their initial leather design—which only featured a little, if any, padding—the potential for concussions and reducing injury has maintained at the forefront of the industry. 

Considering some studies from recent years, change in football safety is needed. In 2014, a study by the American Academy of Neurology found that football helmets reduced the risk of traumatic brain injury by only 20 percent compared to not wearing a helmet. Additionally, they provide little protection against hits to the side of the head or rotational force. Approximately 60 percent of high school sports-related concussions are from playing football.

Fueled by a desire to change this, Xenith has always made it a goal to advance technology and design for players’ protection. Since its founding in 2006, Xenith has aimed to make better helmets and the company recently announced its next step in protection with the Xenith Shadow. The new Shadow has been designed to not only provide a comfortable fit and feel for players, but to also up the safety ante.

“We believe the most successful designs solve for both the athlete’s functional and emotional needs by providing them with a superior level of protection and performance,” said Grant C. Goulet, PhD, Xenith vice president of Product Innovation. “The Xenith Shadow helps instill a deep sense of confidence that allows the athlete to perform at their highest level.”

Xenith’s Shadow has been engineered to optimize performance and enhance safety. (Image courtesy of Xenith.)
Xenith’s Shadow has been engineered to optimize performance and enhance safety. (Image courtesy of Xenith.)

Xenith sees the Shadow as the next evolution of helmet technology. It features a matrix of shock absorbers and internal suspension system that helps prevent the outer-shell transmitting to a player’s head. The Shadow features a new polymer shell that further disperses the force of a collision. It is designed to work with the existing helmet system—suspension, chin strap, shock absorbers, which also have all been updated—to enhance protection and playability.

“It is something that our team developed through material science,” Xenith CEO Ryan Sullivan said. “It’s a more energy absorbent and a much more durable material than what’s currently available on the market.”

Xenith’s helmets are engineered from the ground up and tested to ensure they meet safety standards and are comfortable for players to wear. The new helmet works to balance weight distribution, providing players a light headgear that fits well and lets them focus on the game. Its design enables the outer shell to twist independently of a player’s head, potentially filling a safety gap previously missing in the sport.

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