Should Santa Wear a Flame Retardant Suit?
Meghan Brown posted on December 24, 2018 |
Saint Nick faces a host of hazards during the holiday season, including the dying embers in your fir...

Having a roaring fire in the fireplace is a beloved holiday tradition--with everything from a giant Yule log to the fireplace TV channel providing people with that warm glow.  Those who have a real fire burning away on Christmas Eve may wonder: How can Santa get down the chimney when the fireplace is in use?

A flame-retardant suit could save Santa from a seriously un-jolly circumstance. But many believe these molecules belong on the naughty list due to the potential risks they pose to human health.  If you're curious whether a flame-retardant Santa suit would be worthwhile--and worth the trade-off of any possible downsides--check out the video to see the American Chemical Society's breakdown of the chemistry involved.

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