Generative Design, Metal 3D Printing and Soft Robotic Spiders - TWIE 23
Staff posted on August 20, 2018 |
This Week in Engineering, we talk about Antoni Gaudi, Digital Alloys, Project 2030 and more.

Image of the Week:

Wärtsilä RT-flex 96-C
The Wärtsilä RT-flex 96-C is the main engine of the Emma Maersk, one of the largest container ships on the planet. The engine is a two-stroke, 14-cylinder diesel beast.

How A Century-Old Architect’s Buildings Predicted Generative Design

Digital Alloys: New Metal 3D Printing Tech Takes on the Rest

Soft Microrobots Take an Eight-Legged Leap Forward

 Architecture 2030: How to Build a Better World

NASA’s Latest Probe Will Examine the Sun, Survive Intense Heat

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