Quality at IMTS – Automated Measurement, Metal Analysis and More
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There are only 10 days left until IMTS 2016 kicks off in Chicago.

Here are just a few of the quality tools you can expect to see on the show floor.

Alicona Automated Measurement Systems

(Image courtesy of Alicona.)
(Image courtesy of Alicona.)
Alicona, a supplier of automated measurement systems for the tooling industry, is expanding its range of production-integrated measurement solutions. At IMTS, the company will demonstrate how new automation possibilities add to the concept of “smart manufacturing”.

Alicona’s EdgeMaster automated tool measurement systems are designed to meet the needs of production managers in the tooling industry. A new automation interface allows users to employ further optical 3D form and roughness measurement systems, enabling fully automated measurements as part of the production process.

One example is the use of “InfiniteFocus”, exhibited at this years´ IMTS, to measure micro structured components.

InfiniteFocus is a high-resolution optical 3D surface measurement system for quality assurance of microstructure surfaces. The system offers various functions for dimensional inspection and surface finish measurement. The system uses both coaxial illumination and a ring light. Until now, the system has mainly been utilized in laboratory settings.

With the new automation interface Automation Manager, measurements can now be carried out automatically, enabling the use of InfiniteFocus in production.

The focus of these measurements is GD&T measurements. Parameters and positions to be measured are individually defined by an administrator beforehand and include, among others, angle, distances, roundness, or flatness.

In production, workers then choose the component that needs to be measured from a drop-down menu or by using a bar-code scanner and initiate the measurement by pressing a button. Everything else is carried out automatically. The system then provides a report including OK or Not OK status.

The automated measurement routines are suitable for the tooling, molding, automotive, electronics, and aerospace industries, as well as micro and precision manufacturing and medical engineering.

For more information, check out the Alicona booth in the East Building – Quality Assurance - E-5833 or visit the Alicona website.

Rigaku Metal Analyzer

(Image courtesy of Rigaku.)
(Image courtesy of Rigaku.)
Rigaku Analytical Devices, a leading pioneer of handheld and portable spectroscopic analyzers, will showcase its handheld laserinduced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyzer, KT-100 Katana at IMTS.

Applications including metal fabrication, positive material identification in petrochemical plants and scrap metal sorting require fast, accurate and robust methods for alloy identification to ensure profitability and product quality.

To guarantee protection against these dusty and harsh work environments, KT-100 Katana underwent testing to the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810G. The tests involved rigorous vibration, shock and drop testing which focused on impact to every angle of the instrument to evaluate its durability and performance when exposed to environmental stress.

As the first handheld metal analyzer to have passed these tests and with an IP 54 rating for use in wet environments, KT-100 Katana is optimized for rugged use in scrap yards, plant environments and fabrication shops, according to Rigaku.

Designed for on-the-spot metals classification, including aluminum grades, KT-100 Katana offers results in less than 2 seconds with QuickID software at the touch of a button. Katana also offers auto surface preparation with its DrillDown feature.

With an extended battery life, Katana is more robust and less susceptible to fatigue and downtime compared to previous generations, which is critical for on and off-site operations.

Furthermore, the GPS allows for instrument tracking.

For more information, check out the Rigaku booth in the North Building, B Hall - N-7178 or visit the Rigaku website.


Waldmann Magnifier Luminaire

(Image courtesy of Waldmann.)
(Image courtesy of Waldmann.)
Featuring the fully-rotational OMNIVUE magnifier lens, Waldmann Lighting’s OMNIVUE LED magnifier luminaire is now equipped with additional LED technology.

The 3 diopter (1.75X) magnifying lens, made from optical-quality glass and tilts independently of the light source for optimum positioning. Three 3.5-watt LED modules provide the choice of two light levels.

The OMNIVUE LED also features precise positioning and longer lasting maintenance-free operation. Two optional Add-x lenses are available for additional magnification up to 15 diopters. For longer reach applications, OMNIVUEMAX LED is available with a 43" extended reach arm; suitable for production benches and workstations. An optional pin mount for production workstations is available as well.

For more information, check out the Waldmann booth in the North Building, C Hall – NC-451 or visit the Waldmann website.

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