GeoOrbital Wheel Converts Your Bike to an Electric Cycle
Tom Spendlove posted on May 13, 2016 |

Michael Burtov was inspired by TRON's orbital wheeled cycles to make changes to current bicycles. He envisioned a motor and battery inside a bicycle wheel and built his first prototype of GeoOrbital, a motorized wheel to convert a bicycle to an electric bicycle.

GeoOrbital is running a highly successful campaign on Kickstarter to fund their first production run of parts. The campaign video says that the conversion from pedal power to electric bicycle takes less than sixty seconds, and includes a few videos of users converting the vehicles.

Wheels are available in two styles - 26 inch and 700C. The system uses a 36 Volt, 500 Watt brushless DC motor and a 6 Amp-hour lithium ion battery. The entire wheel assembly weighs 17 pounds and adds around 11-14 pounds of weight to your bike.

The range of wheel is around 12 miles if the user doesn't pedal and up to 30 miles if the user pedals. There's a standard disclaimer in the technical specification section that says range is affected by many factors including rider weight, speed, and terrain. When the battery runs out the user can still operate the bicycle as a pedal powered vehicle. The system also has a USB outlet that can be used for charging.

GeoOrbital looks to be a well developed system giving cyclists a great option for extending their rides, or for taking trips without exerting maximum physical effort. My only problems with the campaign page are the 'high density foam' and 'aerospace-grade aluminum unibody' callouts that tell us the materials used for manufacture, but not really any detail about those materials. The campaign ends on June 15, 2016 and first units are expected to ship in November 2016.

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