Airing - Hoseless Cordless Maskless CPAP Device
Tom Spendlove posted on June 19, 2015 |
Stephen Marsh and Airing LLC are running an indiegogo funding campaign for their new compact CPAP ma...

Stephen Marsh has very straightforward ideas about technology and invention. Marsh, along with his company Airing LLC is currently crowdfunding their micro-CPAP device through indiegogo. The pump runs without a hose, mask, or cord and fits right inside the user's nose.

Airing Technology Breakthroughs from Airing on Vimeo.

Marsh says that when his brain sees a problem he immediately begins to think about materials, processes and designs that can solve the problem. He says that a big part of technology is being able to find meaningful valuable uses for the technology. Humanity usually attacks a problem using brute force, but an invention is required to bring in an elegant easier solution.

Airing uses micro displacement pumps that run from the electrostatic charging of membranes inside the pumps. Thousands of pumps move open and closed based on charges attracting or repelling membranes in the pump. Zinc air batteries are dense with large amounts of stored energy to operate the device.

The device itself is 2 x 1.5 x 1 inches and weighs 0.9 ounces. The run time is more than eight hours making the Airing a one night use product. Airing is in the prototype and testing phases before mass production, but the prototypes are professionally done using production processes. Prototyping and testing is expected to last until March 2016 and FDA approval targeted for January 2017. Production shipping starts around July 2017.

Airing is a huge company with lots of money backing the venture. That fact is obvious in the campaign details, the website and the promotional material available. The video shown here is billed as the technology breakthrough video but doesn't get into hardcore specifications. The general public campaign video is at the main indiegogo page.

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