With the rise of on-demand manufacturing platforms, Americans have found a new interest—making. More >>


Four hundred years after its historic voyage, the Mayflower will cross the Atlantic again. More >>


Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab developed a folded drone for exploration on Earth and Mars. More >>


Facebook’s new embodied AI systems will allow for more accurate data of 3D environments. More >>


This Week in Engineering Jim provides insights on major industry events and trends. More >>


Since 2015, China has been leading the electric car market - until now. More >>


Japan-based SkyDrive’s prototype flying vehicle, SD-03, completes successful piloted test flight. More >>


The cell collection device is used to detect precancerous Barrett’s esophagus. More >>


A mysterious reusable spacecraft went into orbit, dropped something off, and then returned. More >>


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Why virtual reality is the future of training caregivers. More >>


N.Y.-based Pliant Energy Systems is developing robots to explore metals found in the oceans. More >>


Rising air-conditioning demands are threatening our current energy capacity. More >>


The Celera 500L aims to be an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to commercial flights. More >>


Latest research aims to resolve whether the exciting and controversial thruster could actually work. More >>


The technology uses Bluetooth to track movement and notifies contacts when someone tests positive. More >>


NASA satellites capture one of California’s largest and hottest wildfire seasons. More >>


Record-breaking levels of particulates make air filtration imperative during the Western fires. More >>


This Week in Engineering Jim provides insights on major industry events and trends. More >>


Quality control and manufacturing standards have been called into question—again. More >>


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