Missing dimensions or relations can be found by displaying entity points in assembly sketches. More >>


Users can manipulate control points while retaining original surface geometry. More >>


A video tutorial on how to turn off a file’s design history and how to use it to your advantage. More >>


FEA simulation software chains electromagnetic, thermal and stress analysis. More >>


ANSYS furthers CAE industry trends of system engineering, multiphysics, and democratization. More >>


Five automotive-grade composites come to MSC’s Digimat. More >>


NX Laminate Composites allows for laminate definitions, simulation and breakage analysis in CAD. More >>


ESI-Xplorer follows industry trend to incorporate systems engineering into CAE simulation products. More >>


Check your model for missing information before you attempt a simulation. More >>


In this video tutorial, learn where to find “Copy Cage” and how to increase your number of copies. More >>


Vero integrates D-Cubed into their mold and die design software, VISI 21. More >>


Lear Corporation and ESI Group use FEA to design an automotive seat that adjusts itself for comfort ... More >>


Autodesk and Proto Labs hook up so users can get their parts made. More >>


Parameter control interface allows for easier DOE in Flowmaster. More >>


Foreshortened dimension styles work for linear and radial dimensions when creating annotations. More >>


Scia may be the most capable structural analysis software you’ve never heard of. More >>


Community-driven Eπilysis solver designed for structural, NVH, optimization and more. More >>


Cloud-based CAD is gaining ground with designers, but how long before it flourishes? More >>


STAR Academy offers online and in-class training for STAR-CCM+ More >>


Users can isolate SOLIDWORKS files from other file types using “Quick Filter” buttons. More >>


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