High performance computing mark comes with increase in efficiency. More >>


A step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Sweep feature when designing off-center toroids. More >>


Intergraph and GT STRUDL opt for a familiar interface to help 3D modeling. More >>


Mobile app lets you add dimensions to precise sketches. More >>


Selection Sets can consist of faces, edges, features and components and can be easily saved. More >>


Acquisition of Delcross brings technology to handle Internet of Things devices More >>


Steve MacDonald, CEO & Co-Founder of CD-adapco, dies at 71. More >>


Autodesk set a date to sunset its perpetual license program. What’s the new subscription model mean ... More >>


Single calculation determines bulk thermal, elastic, electric and magnetic properties of composites. More >>


September update makes the cloud-based MCAD product not just fun, but respectable. More >>


Correcting non-linear edges to create flat patterns with cones and cylinders in SOLIDWORKS. More >>


Customer requests inspire blade view, 2D-3D transformations, custom profiles and automated geometry ... More >>


Maplesoft offers their CAE software to participating SAE teams for free. More >>


Autodesk gains IoT strength with a new acquisition, but what products might see strong IoT integrati... More >>


System simulations of the Army’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle reduces need for prototypes More >>


Company offers more than 2,000 interactive courses for users of Autodesk software. More >>


Some techniques are more complicated than others when creating grate features and applying them to s... More >>


TU Delft students use MATLAB to track satellites and assess the craft’s captured data. More >>


Fillets are one of many options usable with the Freeform feature to create more complex models. More >>


Holographic, spatial models would like to replace hand-crafted, architectural scale-mockups More >>


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