How would Fusion 360 generative design create the bridge? More >>


CAD viewer offers smooth performance and quick VR collaboration. More >>


Ansys, Microsoft, Dell, and Lendlease are founding members of the Digital Twin Consortium. More >>


Safe distance of 6 ft? Try over 60 ft if you're cycling. More >>



All AU events, including the main one, to go fully virtual. More >>


Named user licensing to be based on individual users; Autodesk offers 2 for 1 trade-in More >>


Dassault Systèmes applications generate many designs and have a way to sort them all out. More >>


A look at the FIRST Robotics Competition and the mentors that make it possible. More >>


Altair’s Inspire now has a choice of 3 solvers. More >>


An interview with Dr. Jan Leuridan, Sr VP of Simulation and Test Solutions at Siemens. More >>


A look at how large engineering companies are using ETX for remote access. More >>


Simulation replaces crash testing in design of lithium-ion battery packs. More >>


PTC’s new release also targets real-time simulation, multibody design, and performance enhancements. More >>


Employees and companies are realizing the benefits of working from home. More >>


But unfortunately, the year 2021 is not. More >>


Annual user meeting and conference will be ‘reimagined’ as a virtual event. More >>


Graphen’s AI analytics are helping to track the virus’ mutations and spread More >>


A look at how Unreal Engine is being used in design and industrial workflows. More >>


The story of the Limbic Chair, the input device that makes you feel weightless. More >>


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