Altair introduces the solidThinking Units (sTUs) software licensing model. More >>


EASA’s Sebastian Dewhurst explains their custom web app platform, and what it can do for simulation. More >>


Interview with Andrew Anagnost, Part 3. Everything has changed: Products, pricing, the channel. Welc... More >>


Interview with Andrew Anagnost, Part 2. Principles in play for decades in manufacturing can only hel... More >>


Interview with Andrew Anagnost, Part 1. The construction industry makes everything differently -- an... More >>


Unreal Studio provides presentation workflow to Unreal Engine, helping users communicate product vis... More >>


A library facade project uses simulation software to create a wood composite structure. More >>


K-Display View will support all major CAD formats across all major operating systems. More >>


A new startup program provides companies with access to cutting edge design tools for 80 percent les... More >>


Kubotek3D opens up the Kubotek Kosmos framework for licensing. More >> explores the differences between one CAD software and the rest. More >>


Autodesk’s engineer/scientist mesmerizes at AU-London with tales of bringing material to life and mo... More >>


Agile 3D sketching with air scaffolding may be just what industrial designers are looking for. More >>


CFDTool is designed to make fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulations a breeze. More >>


Company uses Siemens CAD to bring products to market. More >>


MultiMechanics and Fortify join forces to advance the AM industry. More >>


CoolSim for AutoCAD 2.0 eliminates the need to rebuild models in the CFD tool. More >>


Evolutionary design is guiding engineering like never before, and today's young engineers are using ... More >>


NASA builds a Jersey barrier with its space habitat printer. More >>


EDEM 2018.2 adds new features and brings the GPU solver closer in line with the CPU solver. More >>


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