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Michael Alba
Michael Alba is a lead contributor of the IoT section. Michael has a degree in engineering physics from the University of Alberta. He has also conducted research in wireless beamforming and Doppler radar.

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Onshape Adds Release Management, Revamps BOMs
New Simultaneous BOMs and Formal Release Management tools round out Onshape’s ‘Design Data Managemen...
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Get Time Back Importing and Preparing CAD Data for 3D Experiences
Unity and PiXYS team up to offer new bundle for quicker CAD data import and preparation.
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3D Data Publishing Toolkit Updated for 2018
HOOPS Publish 2018 includes Linux support, export improvements, and more.
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What’s the Difference Between Parametric and Direct Modeling?
Everything you need to know about the industry’s dominant design paradigms.
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Autodesk’s Licensing Transition. Who Knew It Would Be So Hard?
Design and manufacturing software giant works to convince traditional CAD buyers to switch.
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From Native CAD to Low-Poly FBX
ONU 3DLite platform enables quick creation of 3D assets for web, mobile and VR.
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Keep It Together—IronCAD Adds Tie/Glue for Simulation
FEA extension joins parts in assemblies, unlimited assembly size and more.
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Touch Sensor Simulation, No Expertise Required
You don’t need a PhD to use Fieldscale SENSE.
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Crossing the Finish Line with a Digital Twin
Team Penske and Siemens team up to deliver race car performance.
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Interactive 3D Web Content Comes to 3ds Max
Verge3D enables interactive online 3D content in a standard web browser.
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