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Michael Alba
Michael is the subject leader for the CAD and Simulation sections of engineering.com. He also contributes to IoT, Electronics, Hardware, and more. Michael holds a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Alberta.

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CAD in the Cloud is Now
How engineering and design software vendors are embracing cloud technology.
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AutoCAD Alternative AViCAD Announces Annual Update
AViCAD 2019 adds performance enhancements and new features like a CUI.
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Engineering a Better Surfboard
Stu Bowen brings engineering—and environmentalism—to the sport of surfing.
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What’s New in C3D’s Geometric and Parametric Kernels
C3D Labs has updated the C3D Toolkit, including Modeler, Solver and Converter.
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Back in the Saddle: Industrial Design for Cyclists
Meet Fabric, the company behind cageless water bottles, air-sprung saddles and more.
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Launching the Simulation Revolution
ASSESS 2018, Rev-Sim.org, and the democratization of simulation.
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Browser-Based Fire and Smoke Simulation
SimScale launches exploratory Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) preview program.
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Roundup of Creo News
Product updates fresh from LiveWorx 2018.
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The Path to Simulation Democratization
How can more people be empowered to use simulation technology?
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What’s New in Solid Edge 2019
The continuing story of the world’s most underrated CAD solution.
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