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Roopinder Tara
Roopinder Tara is Director of Content for ENGINEERING.com. He has been into CAD, CAM and CAE for his entire professional life, as an engineer, CAD manager, professor and publisher. He has written numerous publications on CAD, design and engineering. He has a bachelors in mechanical engineering (Drexel University), a masters in engineering science (Penn State) and has been a certified professional engineer. He can be reached via email at rtara@engineering.com

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Drowning in Simulation Data? One Company Has a Lifeline
VCollab combines simulation data from many sources and reduces dataset size.
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Not Happy with Your Material’s Properties? Make Your Own
Math2Market lets you mix particles, fibers, predict properties for voxel-scale manufacture of your u...
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BREAKING: Autodesk Ex-CEOs Raising $200 Million for AI Manufacturing Start-Up
Amar Hanspal leads, Carl Bass follows to form AutoLab AI. They have already raised $113 million.
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Finally, an Excuse to Get an iPad Pro: Shapr3D
Small Hungarian team comes up with the most intuitive CAD interface ever, but you’ll need the iPad P...
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Game Over – Humans No Match for AI, But What About Engineering?
Can artificial intelligence help with simulation?
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Best Discovery This Week: Tech in Canada
Ontario’s Discovery 2018 show highlights country’s top technology.
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ANSYS Wants to Analyze Your 3D-Printed Part
ANSYS releases ANSYS Additive Suite, ANSYS Additive Print Simulation and ANSYS Additive Science, mea...
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Onshape Surprisingly Solid Even When Connection Is Not
Despite being Internet-only, software is tolerant of glitches in service.
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The Emancipation of Alibre
Max Freeman found his solid modeler neglected by the company that acquired it, so he bought it, brus...
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3-Wheeled Electric Mountain Bike Tears Up and Down Slopes
The Icon Explore may look cool with its fat rear tire, but with a 3kW motor, it can move.
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