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Roopinder Tara
Roopinder Tara is Director of Content for ENGINEERING.com. He has been into CAD, CAM and CAE for his entire professional life, as an engineer, CAD manager, professor and publisher. He has written numerous publications on CAD, design and engineering. He has a bachelors in mechanical engineering (Drexel University), a masters in engineering science (Penn State) and has been a certified professional engineer. He can be reached via email at rtara@engineering.com

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Generative Design Produces Many Shapes, but Can You Make Them?
Autodesk working on increasing the manufacturability of generative designs at Autodesk University.
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Women That Matter: Karen Caswelch, CEO of SciArt Software
Generative design startup cites speedy, optimized results as its big advantage
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Back in the Driver’s Seat: Scott Borduin Returns as Autodesk CTO
Engineering.com interviews Autodesk CTO Scott Borduin about resuming his role in the position.
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Trouble Underfoot: 3D Scanning and Printing the Next Step in Alleviating Foot Pain
Making orthotics with casts and lasts for hundreds of years. We’ve got a better way, says HP and Go ...
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Need an Accurate 3D Model of a Part? Scoobe It.
German startup using polarized light to add a few extra magnitude of accuracy over coarse 3D scans.
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ASSESS a One Stop Shop for Simulation Movers, Shakers and Shoppers
Rare chance to visit with all the major CAE vendors under one roof.
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Interview with Anagnost, Part 3: Change Comes to Autodesk. Get Used to It
Interview with Andrew Anagnost, Part 3. Everything has changed: Products, pricing, the channel. Welc...
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Interview with Anagnost, Part 2: Bringing Automation to the Construction Site – It Takes a Rocket Scientist
Interview with Andrew Anagnost, Part 2. Principles in play for decades in manufacturing can only hel...
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Interview with Anagnost, Part 1: Constructive Criticism (How Construction is Doing It All Wrong)
Interview with Andrew Anagnost, Part 1. The construction industry makes everything differently -- an...
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Autodesk's Massimiliano Moruzzi: Mad Max or Visionary
Autodesk’s engineer/scientist mesmerizes at AU-London with tales of bringing material to life and mo...
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