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Roopinder Tara
Roopinder Tara is Director of Content for ENGINEERING.com. He has been into CAD, CAM and CAE for his entire professional life, as an engineer, CAD manager, professor and publisher. He has written numerous publications on CAD, design and engineering. He has a bachelors in mechanical engineering (Drexel University), a masters in engineering science (Penn State) and has been a certified professional engineer. He can be reached via email at rtara@engineering.com

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3-Wheeled Electric Mountain Bike Tears Up and Down Slopes
The Icon Explore may look cool with its fat rear tire, but with a 3kW motor, it can move.
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Bring It On. SOLIDWORKS 2018 Packs in More Power.
A quick preview of some of what’s in the annual update of the popular professional MCAD software.
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Why Is It So Hard to Predict Hurricanes?
Irma to hit Miami, No, wait...the Gulf coast. Hurricanes throw meteorologists for a loss.
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Autodesk’s CAD Users to Get CAE and CAM – For Free
Company breathes new life into the Inventor product line.
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We Would Have Had a Good Quarter—Except for Japan, Says PTC
PTC loses a million dollars and sends Hiroaki Kuwahara back to Japan.
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FIRST Global Challenge a Success -- for the Wrong Reason
Making the robot to pick up balls was the easy part
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ANSYS Acquires CEI to Brighten Up Its Results
CEI is known for its mastery of the postprocessing with EnSight, says ANSYS.
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Four Reasons for Creo Users to Move Up to Creo 4.0
New user interface, lattices—and a handy introduction to the worlds of augmented reality and IoT.
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King Creo—PTC Crowns Top CAD User
After giving up over 2 minutes in the semifinal, Jomichael Porter takes the contest’s top prize.
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One Company Needs to Buy Onshape—Here’s Why
What could be better than putting millions of traditional CAD users and the hottest CAD start-up und...
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