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Andrew Wheeler
Andrew Wheeler is an IT professional who is passionate about following the convergence of emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Software, Hardware, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Additive Manufacturing.

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Meet AVA, Autodesk’s First Virtual Employee
Autodesk Virtual Agent uses a combination of deep learning and design to engage with customers.
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nanoCAD 5.0: Free and Fully Functional CAD Software
Nanosoft’s business model makes sense in the age of unstoppable CAD piracy.
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What’s New with Onshape?
7 New features improve the only completely cloud-based CAD software.
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4 Things Users Hate Most About Their CAD Systems
Insights from ENGINEERING.com survey of product development professionals.
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How Do You Feel About CAD Software Moving to the Cloud?
JPR and Business advantage surveyed hundreds of users to see if they are or will be using CAD in the...
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New Cinema 4D Software to Launch at IBC 2017
Top 5 new features and enhancements of Cinema 4D.
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How to Identify Opportunities to Improve Product Performance
Are There Universal Rules to Make Your Products Better?
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Theorem’s Publish 3D Encapsulates CAD Data
3D PDF can be opened by external and internal collaborators with Adobe Reader.
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ZEISS and ModuleWorks Team Up to Create Unified CAD/CAM System for Optics Machining
Due to increasingly complex geometry designs, traditional machining and ultra-precision machining ar...
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Mastercam’s “CAD for CAM” Design Tools Give Machinists New Leverage
Solid disassembly receives an enhancement and a new option makes it easier to convert imported solid...
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