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Jim Brown
Jim Brown is the founder of research firm Tech-Clarity. He is a recognized expert in software solutions for manufacturers and the use of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), ERP, compliance, quality, service management, and other enterprise applications to improve business performance.

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What is a Good Price for CAD software?
Economical CAD management is on the cloud horizon
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The Bare Minimum in Sharing CAD data safely
Email is a sure fire way to create duplicate and lost files
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People who are CAD Illiterate Need to See Designs Too
Make sure your partners and CEO can view your designs
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Basic File Control Requirements for CAD data management software
Avoid hearing, “Who Saved over my CAD Design?”
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Not all Cloud Services were Made for CAD File Sharing
Pros and Cons of various cloud services for sharing CAD data
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Controlling your CAD designs - PDM vs. PLM
PLM can be overkill on small to medium projects
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Why Manage your CAD Data?
Engineering teams that don’t manage CAD data suffer predictable outcomes
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Lightweight CAD Management using the Cloud
The risks of managing your CAD files manually
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The Risks of Manually Managing CAD Files
Directory and file name conventions won’t cut it
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