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Shawn Wasserman
Shawn Wasserman (@ShawnWasserman) is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Simulation Editor at ENGINEERING.com. He is passionate about ensuring Engineers make the right decisions when using computer-aided engineering (CAE) software and IoT development tools. Shawn has a Masters in Bio-Engineering from the University of Guelph and a BASc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

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CAE/CAM Software for Turbomachinery Continues Fit-for-Purpose Simulation Trend
Simulation software-optimized turbomachinery designs for cost, machining and performance.
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Altair Adds Automotive-Focused MBSE to Its Partner Alliance
APA brings AVL CRUISE M’s automotive MBSE to HyperWorks users.
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Can an Artificial Geomagnetic Field Protect Mars Colonists from Cosmic Rays?!
Simulation project from HP’s Mars Home Planet contest predicts star-trekking deflector shields.
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Free CAE Tool for Topology Optimizations and Structural Simulations
Simright’s cloud-based simulation tool offers basic structural and topology optimizations.
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Link Almost Any CAE and Design Software Tool into an App With EASA
You can simplify your complete CAE workflow using a model-agnostic simulation app from EASA.
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What is the Digital Twin and Why Should Simulation and IoT Experts Care?
CAE industry experts define the Digital Twin and its relation to simulation and the IoT.
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ANSYS to Acquire 3D Printing Simulation Tech Amid Week of CAE Additive Manufacturing News
After a third major announcement, ENGINEERING.com declares CAE Additive Manufacturing Month.
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Stratasys Partners to Make 3D Printing Simulation Software
Stratasys and MSC Software’s e-Xstream Engineering partnership improves 3D Printing accuracy and mat...
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Simulate 3D Printing Deformations and the Influence of the Base Plate
Simufact Additive helps engineers simulate their metal-based additive manufacturing.
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Top 7 Simulation Success Stories from the COMSOL Conference
Review electromagnetic, electro-chemical and multiphysics simulations that dominated an award night.
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