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Fusion 360: a Q&A with Kevin Schneider
Last November, Autodesk introduced Fusion 360, the industry’s first cloud-based CAD platform t...
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Will Subscription-based Pricing Models Remove Cost Barriers to 3D CAD?
CAD software subscriptions that can be paid month-to-month balance user’s needs with their bud...
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Integrated CAD-CAM Workflows Speed the Prototyping Process
CAD software developers are constantly under the gun to develop new features to enable users to inno...
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3D CAD Users Increasingly Taking the Direct Route
Users want the control of history-based modelers, the flexibility of direct modeling, and an easy pa...
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Siemens Offers Users a Free 45-Day Test Drive of Solid Edge
Though the price of 3D CAD software has dropped since its initial introduction, it still requires a ...
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Cloud-Based Simulation
Online platform SimScale seeks to remove barriers to simulation.
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