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Matthew Loew
Matthew has a passion for building and leading high-performance engineering teams supporting new product development projects. He has been active in large-scale engineering projects in entertainment, transportation, defense, energy, industrial, and heavy equipment sectors for 20 years. Matthew recently joined Walt Disney Imagineering leading projects for future attractions.

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Engineering in the Gap
I have expanded on Mike Shipulski's blog on Organizational Capability Gaps
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What, No Files!? How Will That Work?
Confused about Onshape's data model and how there can be CAD with no files? Read this.
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Onshape: The Future of CAD
As many of you have heard, Onshape went live today with the release of Onshape Beta. I'm very excite...
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CAD and Non-Product Geometry
Solid modeling software has the ability to create geometry that is not part of the product. Why is t...
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Metal Origami Meets Direct Manufacturing
More to Direct Manufacturing than just 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing methods.
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Getting from Idea to "Show Me it Works" - Fast!
Using a Model-Based approach was the key to realizing success on an aggressive development project.
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Where is My "3D Print" Button in CAD?
Just like there is DFMA (Design for Manufacture/Assembly) there should be DFAM: Design for Addi...
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There is no Engineer in CAD!
Why is it that most companies are not incorporating the fundamental mechanical engineering computati...
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Design Anything
Everything that humans create involves a degree of design. How do we do this faster?
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Every Idea Works on the White-board!
Before scale, loads, constraints etc. are applied, you can convince yourself that just about any ide...
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