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John Hayes is President of ENGINEERING.com

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Mechanical and Electronics Design Is Converging. It Has To.
Multiple iterations between mechanical and electrical designers waste time. CAD vendors are rushing ...
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Research Reveals How Smaller Design Teams Really Manage Product Data
Users report wasting almost nine hours per week on non-productive activities
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Research Reveals Common Pitfalls to Quality for New Product Introductions
Survey of 350+ product professionals highlights common challenges
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Five Ways Product Design Teams Fail at Data Management
ENGINEERING.com surveyed 151 product development professionals in May 2017 about their design proces...
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Forks in the SOLIDWORKS Product Roadmap
Current users not rushing to the cloud. Future users—who knows?
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Why Can’t Engineers Improve on a 60 Year Old Aircraft Design?
Small aircraft are prone to crashing, so these engineers take on the challenge of a redesign.
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Autodesk Launches PDM-in-the-Cloud to Bolster PLM Solution – Finally
PDM will be included at no extra charge for all cloud PLM subscribers.
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Your Next Car Could be Custom Made for as Little as $12K – and be Recyclable
Local Motors plans road-ready car built to your requirements while you wait.
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Is Augmented Reality a Breakthrough for Field Service Teams?
PTC is convinced that AR will boost maintenance and repair operations.
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How Greene Tweed Got Twelve Locations on a Common PDM System
Data management isn’t pretty, but it sure beats the alternative.
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