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Scott Wertel
Scott Wertel is a Configuration Manager in the defense and aerospace industry and provides freelance design services to a variety of interests. Scott has spent decades following the engineering software industry due to his "unnatural affinity" for CAD and uses that insight to best position his employer and clients for change. Scott graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and is a licensed professional mechanical engineer in the state of Arizona.

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Bring Out Your Inner Artist. Graphics Program Makes Illustrations from CAD
Canvas X is good for making illustrations for marketing, presentations, and more.
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Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge
Learn about cradle-to-cradle design certification while testing your chops on this Autodesk partnere...
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MasterGraphics Webinar: Optimizing Product Data
MasterGraphics begins a 5-part webinar series on optimizing design workflow beginning January 15.
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Autodesk's New Years Resolution - Update Fusion 360 Roadmap
The Autodesk Fusion 360 roadmap has been updated and an update is expected on January 15 containing ...
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Hirschtick Speaks About Onshape for the First Time (Again)
Onshape is moving towards publicly sharing its product and is looking for a few good users to pre-be...
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Is PDM Right for Me?
If you're asking about PDM, then it's probably the right time to implement it.  There are a few...
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QuadriSpace Announces Solid Edge Compatibility
QuadriSpace recently released an update to its flagship and other products, adding more CAD file sup...
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Write Your Circuits with a Rollerball and Conductive Ink
Autodesk has partnered with Electroniks to bring you a device that can write circuits onto suitable ...
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It’s Only PDM. What Are You Waiting For?
Regardless of your job description, as an engineer or designer data management is one of the necessa...
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Autodesk Improves Performance and Usability in the Latest Fusion 360 Update
The September update for Autodesk Fusion 360 is shaping up to be yet another amazing release.  ...
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