Sneak Peek of Solid Edge ST10
Kyle Maxey posted on November 23, 2016 |

Automatic Routing Improves Assembly Productivity

Drawing routing paths through 3D space can be a tremendous pain. Rather than having to create sketches manually between two points, ST10 users will have the option to create routing paths automatically between any key point within an assembly, part or sheet metal project. For users that have to worry about routing wiring, connecting hoses or mapping out how critical piping infrastructure should be put together, this new Automatic Routing Path feature can streamline workflows, saving tons of time.

Patterning Improves

Patterned chains are easier to control in ST10

Patterned chains are easier to control in ST10

Patterning can be an essential tool for punching holes into an object, repeating features among other things. One other area where patterning can be helpful is in the modeling of chains. In ST10, Siemens has introduced the ability to pattern along a curve with the addition of a “skip count.” Adding even more value to this new feature is the addition of the ability to define chord length type.

With these two features combined, creating and animating chains becomes much easier and makes it possible to avoid manually suppressing errant chain instances. Of course, this improves your productivity and makes your model lighter weight and more true to its real-life form.

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