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Collaborate and File Share Seamlessly with Kenesto + Dropbox
Project Management of remote teams just got easier.  Kenesto and Dropbox are now seamlessly int...
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Geomagic (Alibre) Design Gets Its FEA On
Alibre Design (now rebranded to Geomagic Design) has found an FEA partner with NISA Software th...
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Solid Edge Now Available by Monthly Subscription

Have you ever needed a CAD system for a project, but been forced to buy a full license?  Or doe... More >>
Tech4PD #13: CFD Integration or Specialization
Chad and Jim square off in the debate about specialization or integration in CFD.  Not dissimil...
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Cloud-Based Simulation
Online platform SimScale seeks to remove barriers to simulation.
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Autodesk Force Effect Flow
Autodesk ForceEffect Flow is 2D (aerodynamic) flow simulation on your iPad.
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3D Systems & TeamPlatform
3D Systems has rebranded and turn around TeamPlatform, a recent acquisition. Manage data and project...
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The Benefits of Being a Block-head
Use of block diagrams and network diagrams for system engineering.
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Autodesk Fusion 360 Finally Available via GrabCAD
After more than a month of waiting, Autodesk Fusion 360 is finally available on GrabCAD's Workbench....
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Play with Clay Without Getting Your Hands Dirty
3D Systems announces Cubify Sculpt, a sub-D "clay modeling" software that allows the consumer market...
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