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GrabCAD Announces Summer Release
GrabCAD has announced new enhancement and features to Workbench as well as an aptly timed integratio...
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The Surprise in ANSYS' Acquisition of Spaceclaim?

Back and the beginning of May, when ANSYS announced their intent to acquire Spaceclaim, pundits and ... More >>
Why Manage your CAD Data?
Engineering teams that don’t manage CAD data suffer predictable outcomes
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PTC Creo 3.0 - What is Unite Technology?
PTC breaks down barriers within multi-cad environments with its latest release of Creo software.
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MSC Software’s Dytran Explicit Nonlinear FEA Helps Indian Register of Shipping Predict Responses of Ship Structures Subjected to Underwater Explosion
Indian Register of Shipping selects MSC Software’s Dytran explicit nonlinear simulation soluti...
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Bentley’s New Subsurface Utility Engineering Breakthrough Technology Mitigates Risk of Building in Utility-Congested Underground Environments
Built on OpenRoads, New Software Brings Together Data From Multiple Sources and Geo-coordinates it f...
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STAR-CCM+ v9.04 Release Focuses on Speed
Processing and workflow improvements will reduce your simulation time.
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Recap of PTC Live Global 2014
PTC Live Global completed last week in Boston, MA.  Two key messages were released regarding th...
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Mentor Graphics Veloce Emulation Platform Allows Inuitive to Achieve First-Pass Silicon Success
First-pass silicon success using the Veloce® emulation platform for System-On-Chip (SoC) verific...
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Rave Cave: The Simulation “Proto-Holodeck”
Walk through your simulations in 3D virtual reality.
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