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Collaborative “CAD in the Cloud” from Autodesk and GrabCAD Starts Today with Free Trial
AutoCAD 360 and Fusion 360 now run natively in GrabCAD’s Workbench
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GrabCAD and Autodesk Team Up
One step closer to dominating the world's design data, GrabCAD and Autodesk announce a partnership.
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What's Undermining Model-Based Efforts?

How did the world end up being so technology focused? When it comes to enabling changes in how orga... More >>
Rhino for Android Viewer Available
Now you can view your Rhino models anywhere, anytime on your Android device with the Rhino Droid And...
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Announcing Fusion 360
In order to Design Faster, Work Anywhere, and Share data with anyone, Autodesk has developed the nex...
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Conceptual Costing: How Much Could this Possibly Cost?
In my recent experiences in leading a New Product Development (NPD) project I could not find any sof...
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Publish to GrabCAD Partnership with Keyshot
Luxion and GrabCAD announce a partnership that allows Keyshot files to be directly uploaded to the p...
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GrabCAD Android App Released
GrabCAD has made another advancement towards world domination with the release of its Android app fo...
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Creo to Open Native CAD Files: A Promise Finally Fulfilled

October 28th, 2011 started with such promise. There I was, sitting in this cavernous castle in the ... More >>
solidThinking Releases Version 9.5
solidThinking releases an update to its design software products Inspire & Evolve. Unique names ...
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Adobe's Creative Cloud Suite Update
Adobe released its first major update to its Creative Cloud suite. Maybe the cloud isn't so bad afte...
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Overcoming FEA Roadblocks - Leverage Existing CAD Data
Engineering.com has been hosting several informative webinars about Design Software. This next ...
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How Prescriptive Analytics can complement a Social Enterprise in PLM- A Perspective
Social Enterprise technologies are one of the major enablers in business transformation.
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Creo 3.0 will work with non-native CAD files
Too bad the release date is in 2014
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Community Tool: K-Factor Calculator
Accurate K-factors are not something that can be looked up in a table. They have to be calculated ba...
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7 major trends in product design
A useful framework on the challenges facing global manufacturers
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Am I the only one that thinks this way? Concept Engineering Example
Last week I initiated a discussion on what is feel is a void in product offings from modeling&n...
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Predicting mechanical failure = the “L” in PLM
Sentient Science predicts when friction will cause field failure in mechanical systems
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Is Siemens D-Cubed in MSC’s Secret Product?
MSC has a secretive new product launch planned
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Free Circuit Analysis Right in Your Browser
A free browser-based electronic schematic editor and circuit simulator.
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