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PDM: Boon or Plague?

Wow. So PDM is a hot topic now, eh? Over the past few weeks, we've had our Tech4PD episode on PDM f... More >>
When Imported Geometry Problems Occur, Things Get Personal

Do you enjoy research? No, I'm not talking about the dry make-you-fall-asleep stuff that are publis... More >>
GrabCAD launches “Workbench” Beta
New lightweight file-sharing tool is designed to let engineers collaborate more easily starting toda...
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Autodesk announces Pricing for Fusion 360 in the Cloud
You can still get in on the Beta of this 3D modeling tool now
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The future of Engineering Software
Some key trends emerged from the congress in Arizona
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Is this real mobile engineering?
Microsoft Surface Pro + Windows 8 = serious gadget envy
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PLM Requires Business Transformation? Bollocks

I don't mean to get into debates. Really, I don't. Well. Maybe a little. But I only do it when I bel... More >>
PTC's answer to the "PDM for SMB" question
PTC's answer to the "PDM for SMB" question
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Clarifying the Confusing Terminology of Drawingless Initiatives

In this industry, terminology is a bear. There are special acronyms and terms with subtle difference... More >>

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