Entries for April 2012

Brave New World: PLM without PDM

Is PDM and requisite part of PLM? That's the question we took at a recent roundtable discussion at t... More >>
Oracle's Fourth Evolution of PLM?

I thought that looked pretty interesting. I hadn’t heard from the Oracle folks in a while. So ... More >>
Is PDM Disruption Ready?

What’s it take to get some love? At one time, PDM was the bleeding edge of the software indus... More >>
Inforbix: Access to Enterprise Information for the Engineer?

It seems like in the last couple of years, we've seen a resurgence in startups in the engineering so... More >>
Calculations and the Engineering Notebook

Beginning back in January, I’ve been writing a series of posts about the engineering notebook.... More >>
A Look at Kubotek's KeyCreator Analysis and SEFEA Technology

It's always nice to get a little love. For a long time, it seems as if experts at using software lik... More >>
The Many Faces of Product Data Management

As I've said before and I'm sure I'll say again, terminology in this industry can be a source of con... More >>
Tetra4D: Leveraging the Adobe Ecosystem

What are your first thoughts when you hear the words "pdf" and "product development?" When I first ... More >>

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