Entries for March 2014

Siemens NX Joins the Cloud Movement
NX CAD/CAM/CAE now available on the cloud.
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Virtual System Prototyping for Electromechanical Systems
Steps to simulating a complex electromechanical system - Hybrid Electric Vehicle example
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CFD Predicting Impact Loading of a Hydrodynamic Wave on a Submarine
CFD expert explains how he modeled wave impacts on Submarines.
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Simulation of the Hydroforming of Telescopic Optical Mirrors
CNRS simulates optical mirror production with Marc Nonlinear FEA.
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Windows 7 End of Support Just Around the Corner
Windows XP end of life is forcing users to upgrade, but to which version? Before you think Windows 7...
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Table Place Setting as a 3D Carving
Making 3D Sculptures with Facing Operations and a Ball Nose Router Bit
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Optimization of CAE and CAD Software Licenses
Software Asset Optimization from Altair.
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Getting from Idea to "Show Me it Works" - Fast!
Using a Model-Based approach was the key to realizing success on an aggressive development project.
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Software Profile: Spaceclaim

This series of software profiles will focus on CAD software applications meant to be used by enginee... More >>
American Electric Power Improves Substation Design with Bentley Substation
Building information modeling improves productivity and teamwork.
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