Entries for March 2013

Integrated Design Suites or stand-alone CAD tools?

In a recent episode of Tech4PD, duelling analysts Chad Jackson and Jim Brown debated whether design ... More >>
Performance boost from next generation PLM

I just read a white paper from Aras stating that their software was 14% to 81% faster in loading ver... More >>
Mentor’s FloTHERM XT and the Electronification of Design

FloTHERM XT is intended to bring electronics and mechanical design processes closer together through... More >>
GrabCAD hits 500,000 users. So where’s the money?

Today GrabCAD reached a big milestone – 500,000 members for the CAD library community. But ha... More >>
KeyShot 4 and the case for Realistic Model Rendering

As CPU power increases, as rendering applications get more features and as designers develop even mo... More >>
Simulation at Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment uses multiple simulation packages in their product development process.... More >>
What do Ansys earnings mean to engineers?
Simulation market is going strong.
More >>

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