Entries for November 2014

Is PDM Right for Me?
If you're asking about PDM, then it's probably the right time to implement it.  There are a few...
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PTC Launches Systems Engineering Solution
PTC’s new platform looks to system requirements, system modeling and validation tools to reduc...
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SPDRM 1.1.0 Improves Process, Resource & Data Management
BETA CAE Systems releases SPDRM 1.1.0.
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ORECA Designs a Race Car from Scratch in One Year using CAE
STAR-CCM+ and other CAE tools used for top-bottom design of REBELLION R-One.
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Altair Helps Students Win Honda Energy Saving Tournament
Tongji University’s ZEAL EcoPower team uses HyperWorks to win Honda Challenge.
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Make CAE Software Dance with a Bachelors from Ohio Northern
BS in Technical Studies that aims to teach high level CAE software.
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Chalmers University Professor Wins Meshy Award
Pointwise awards Meshy for propeller mesh testing cavitation.
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Three Things Hardware Start-ups Get Wrong
Manufacturing is now officially harder than fundraising
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ThermoAnalytics 11.3 Release for Infrared, Fluid and Thermo Simulation
Version 11.3 improves post-processing, fluid streams, phase chance materials and graphics window.
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Dassault Systemes 3D Experience Forum Kicks Off in Las Vegas

Dassault Systemes 3D Experience conference kicked off today at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in ... More >>

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