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Colfax Teams with Altair for Cluster-Powered CAE for Everyone
Colfax International announced the latest generation of Colfax ClusterEdge systems. Design...
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Engineering-less PLM?

Back in September, Yoann Maingon over at Minerva, an Aras reseller, wrote a blog post that got ... More >>
Dexma Labs Announces DEXMA PLM+ Beta
DEXMA Labs has recently introduced a beta version of their new PLM software DEXMA PLM+.  It is ...
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Psst... PTC is Giving Away Mathcad Express. Pass it on.
I feel like I've suddenly gone back in time and landed in middle school, where I was passed a note b...
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Need Logical PLM Advice? Go Where the Vulcans Go.
One of the things I learned early in this line of work was that you must attend lots of industry eve...
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Which Design Software Research Studies Do You Want?

If you haven't noticed so far, we're starting to conduct some research on various design software to... More >>
Extra! Extra! Teamcenter Now on the Cloud!

Inspiration for this post: Teamcenter on the Cloud: Faster Time to Value, Dynamic Scalability... More >>
CAx - The 'C' Stands for Community
Let's face it, designers and engineers can't lock themselves in their cubes anymore and resurface la...
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The Success of Spaceclaim: A Tale of Granularity for CAD?

Remember when Direct Modeling was rare. Seriously, more than five years ago, the modeling approach w... More >>
All Aboard The Siemens PLM Consolidation Train! Next Stop Kineo CAM
Siemens has announced their intention to acquire Kineo CAM and their full suite of computer aided mo...
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