Diesel Engine Giant Chooses to Standardize on ANSYS Multiphysics
Shawn Wasserman posted on March 05, 2015 |
Cummins hopes access to more simulation software will save development costs.

Courtesy Cummins, Inc.
Cummins announced that they would standardize their simulation software to the ANSYS portfolio. The added simulation technology will allow Cummins to innovate their products and bring virtual prototyping earlier in their development cycle.

In the past, Cummins used ANSYS software to perform structural and CFD analysis of combustion and engine components. With this new agreement they can validate virtual prototypes of products and electronic controllers.

The use of virtual prototypes should reduce development costs with respect to physical testing and early design flaws detection. Essentially, catching these flaws earlier in the design cycle should result in cheaper fixes.

In the agreement, ANSYS will be providing Cummins with licenses to ANSYS Structures, high-frequency electromagnetics, fluids, and access to HPC computing. Additionally, the company will receive unlimited training both online and in classrooms.

Wayne Eckerle, VP at Cummins said, "This new agreement with ANSYS allows us to further our vision for Analysis Led Design processes and to continue to provide our customers with dependable products. And it also gives Cummins flexibility for the future, helping us to grow in areas we couldn't consider in the past."

For a company known for innovations within control, filtrations, air handling, power generation and after treatment systems, standardization of simulation tools should help them share results between disciplines and design teams.

Walid Abu-Hadba, ANSYS Chief Product Officer said, "Cummins is one of our longest-tenured customers – and one of the most successful … This new agreement provides Cummins with best-in-class engineering simulation solutions that will enable the company to continue its market leadership by delivering even more innovative, longer-lasting products to its customers."

Source inventis.com

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