Multidisciplinary Design Exploration Heads up STAR-CCM+ 10.02
Shawn Wasserman posted on March 03, 2015 |
Release focuses on user experience, productivity boosts and customer experience.

STAR-CCM+ Employs the Power of MDX

The latest release of STAR-CCM+, version 10.02, focuses on improvements to multidisciplinary design exploration (MDX). The release also addresses productivity, consumer experience and technical improvements.

With MDX, Simulation users will now be able to assess the simulation with multiple operating scenarios. In essence, MDX allows users to understand their product’s performance throughout the design space. CD-adapco expects this will expedite the decision processes when designing new products.

“Our vision for MDX will make our customers more competitive in their marketplace … This is achieved by providing robust, automated, and smart technologies that enable engineers to maximize the utility of their simulations through designs exploration,” said CD-adapco Senior VP of Product Management Jean-Claude Ercolanelli.

“In addition,” he added, “our ongoing commitment to enrichments in the customer experience and productivity improvements allows our users to maximize the benefits of MDX.”

Technical Improvements to STAR-CCM+ 10.02

An interesting technical improvement to the 10.02 release of STAR-CCM+ is the ability to remotely affect the CAD client. This allows users to better explore the design space as STAR-CCM+ changes the CAD design while running on a remote cluster. No doubt, this function leads to the aforementioned MDX improvements.

Simulation users will also be interested to hear that STAR-CCM+ 10.02 allows VOF, Fluid Film, and Lagrangian models to interact. This helps to reduce mesh sizes and computational costs, and enables the assessment of complicated simulations such as crankcase/gearbox sloshing, rainwater management, and dipping & coating.

The release also includes a large-scale interface multiphase model that will combine VOF and Eulerian multiphase simulations. This gives users the opportunity to study flow regimes that co-exist in various oil & gas, chemical processing, and manufacturing applications.

Customer Experience a Key Feature of STAR-CCM+ 10.02

The current release of STAR-CCM+ includes a new tool called STAR-View+ meant to improve customer experience. The tool helps engineers share their results and better coloaborate within a team. It also lets non-simulation users view the simulation results, interactions and animations. STAR-View+ requires no license or fee to operate.

Users will also appreciate the improved GPU utilization of STAR-CCM+, which translates to reduced displace latency and improved graphical interactions.

Other customer feature improvements include:

  • Mesh deviation analysis
  • Depth selection mode
  • Adjoint-based error estimation

STAR-CCM+ 10.02 Productivity Boosts

The 10.02 release offers two major productivity improvements. The first is an improvement to throughput, the second is Wake Refinement.

Wake refinement gives users the ability to add draft angles to accurately depict a wake behind an object. This improvement was one of the most demanded requests by the IdeaStorm community. IdeaStorm is a user forum that submits suggestions to CD-adapco for improvements to their product.

Other productivity improvements include:

  • Data mapper turnaround time
  • Report on parts without affecting solver performance
  • Blow interface model
  • Parts-based think mesher

As per CD-adapco tradition, STAR-CCM+ 10.02 will be the first of three releases this year. This is done to ensure that the needs of the user base are met. To that end, if you have any suggestions for STAR-CCM+ fixes be sure to visit their IdeaStorm forum.

Source CD-adapco.

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