Nonlinear Forming & Welding Simulation Brings “As Manufactured” Data to MSC
Shawn Wasserman posted on February 19, 2015 |
Popular OEM, Aerospace, Automotive & Machine Parts Tool Simufact joins the MSC Portfolio.

MSC Software has acquired Simufact, creators of the metal forming and joining simulation software. The software is a popular nonlinear CAE tool used by the automotive, OEM, aerospace and machine part industries. The addition of Simufact to MSC will improve the “as manufactured” data needed for accurate simulations.

The tool is designed to reduce the trial and error associated with manufacturing a product on the shop floor. In fact, some Simufact customers have reported that they are able to halve their physical testing, and reduce the cycle time of a new part to a single week when using the simulation software.

Dr. Hendrik Schafstall, Co-founder and CTO of Simufact said, "Being a direct member of the MSC family offers additional advantages: We will be able to accelerate the technology development; our customers can look forward to greater innovation."

For MSC users, however, Simufact will help to complete the simulation of the process chain. This will give engineers the ability to simplify the assessments of their “as manufactured” designs.

"Too often, our customers tell me that poorly-understood manufacturing processes result in products that don't function as designed and simulated … By connecting Simufact's manufacturing process oriented tools to design simulation, we can better assist our customers with their drive for 'first time right',” said Dominic Gallello, President & CEO of MSC Software.

This manufacturing simulation tool falls into the trend of CAE tools that look into the complete life cycle of a product: from concept, to design, to manufacturing and even disposal. The ability to integrate the simulated information along the CAE chain will lead to more informed decisions and improved multidisciplinary designs.

Source MSC Software. Images courtesy of MSC Software.

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