IMAGINiT Set to Deliver Complete Building Lifecycle Solution
Sanjeev Pal posted on February 13, 2015 |
IMAGINiT’s, FM and BIM Connection Service, will enable AEC firms to utilize the rich data within the...

IMAGINiT Technologies is a well-known Autodesk software solution provider that specializes in offering professional services, training and support as its other expertise. Being a Rand Worldwide company it has access to skilled resources in design, manufacturing and AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) software from vendors such as Dassault Systèmes, PTC, ARCHIBUS etc.

Recently Rand Worldwide announced that it has merged Rand Facilities Management division within IMAGINiT Technologies. This has led IMAGINiT to offer FM (Facilities Management) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) Connection Services. Rand has had several divisions. One of them was Rand Facilities Management. The main product and services that they offered were on the product line of ARCHIBUS, a facilities management system. On the other hand IMAGINiT has a deep skill set to offer in regards to Autodesk products, especially Revit in the AEC space.

This merger of the two divisions will enable AEC firms to transfer rich BIM data into the management of a building asset or in the other words BIM data from Autodesk’s Revit will be deeply integrated with ARCHIBUS by IMAGNiT. This move will clearly benefit the customers as they would be able to utilize the information that was refined in design and construction phase into maintenance activities without losing any information or iterations that would be valuable even when the facility is decommissioned. Since more than often design drawings and data remain in silos due to complexity of the data, this integration will help streamline the information and make it more consumable in the entire lifecycle of facility. It further removes the requirement for data consumers to be Revit users. This solution be available on   mobile devices and also in platform agnostic way via a browser. It was also indicated that IMAGNiT Technologies will provide a 90 day free trial for the BIM and FM integration via cloud to its customers before customer can purchase it as a service.

IMAGNiT Technologies has slated to integrate information between Revit and ARCHIBUS in such a way that data can be modified in either of the applications and synched to be utilized at any phase of the lifecycle of a facility.  

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