CFD Improvements in Visual-Environment 10.0
Shawn Wasserman posted on December 24, 2014 |
Open sourced CFD solver OpenFOAM has a dedicated platform in Visual-Environment

Visual-Environment 10.0 manages Virtual Prototyping in an open simulation platform.

ESI Group has released the latest version of their all-inclusive simulation platform Visual-Environment 10.0. The recent release now includes integration with OpenFOAM, an open sourced CFD solver.

The industrial grade platform will allow OpenFoam users to import CAD, set-up models, pre/post process, and customize their simulations. The platform will accept geometry formats from various third party software without conversions. Some of the compatible CAD software sources include Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Inbentor and ACIS.

ESI Group also promises that Version 10.0 is faster and more robust than previous releases.

Antoine Reymond, Strategic Alliances Manager at AMD said, “AMD and ESI have tested and certified the use of Visual-Environment 10.0 with its latest professional graphics card … AMD FirePro graphics are tested against a battery of simulations and real-world scenarios using rigorous certification processes to ensure their readiness for demanding professional use.” 

Reymond continues, “Working hand-in-hand with ESI, AMD is able to provide Visual-Environment 10.0 users with a certified driver, delivering robust and feature-rich graphical support to manage Virtual Prototypes and large-scale engineering simulation models, as required for every day Finite Element analysis and for Computational Fluid Dynamics."

The Visual Environment 10.0 interface is designed to streamline the production of CFD Calculations. Specifically, ESI Group promises faster simulation set-up of:

  • External aerodynamics
  • Internal climate control
  • Flow around bodies

Subsequent simulations may be streamlined too. Once an engineer has produced a simulation, future simulations can be produced quickly with minimal training thanks to automated meshing, processing and set-up.

Source ESI Group

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