SPDRM 1.1.0 Improves Process, Resource & Data Management
Shawn Wasserman posted on November 25, 2014 |

BETA CAE Systems has announced the v1.1.0 release of their SPDRM (Simulation Process Data and Resource Management) software. BETA CAE expects that this new release will increase the user community based on the addition of new platforms and databases. The new release also offers feature improvements that link existing functionality in the SPDRM workspace.

Improvements to the process management workspace include new toolbars and icons that will work with different process nodes. In addition, users can now spontaneously delete temp-data that is created while processes and process instances are executed.

As for simulation data management, SPDRM 1.1.0 has a new data item called simulation model. The model is a library of files, of a certain version, used by the collection of solver main files. This simulation model can be used as a template for other simulation models. Essentially, the simulation model is a data item containing one or more components that reference other simulation models.

In the new release, meta-data associated with models is communicated to other users using a Data Manager. The manager’s improved tab interface allows for all data items to be displayed using a component and simulation model history graph, tree-structure, dependency chart or to update list data views.

Resource management is improved with the use of role-based access control. The upgrade allows users to be assigned multiple roles and permissions in the system at login. This allows users to be both an administrator and analyst without working as both at the same time.

Register application definitions have also improved to account for environmental variables, wrapper programs and default options at launch. This should make administration easier.

A final improvement to resource management is new mem-type parametric definitions that can be used during registration. These definitions will improve the maintenance of resources.

Other improvements to SPDRM 1.1.0 include:

  • Two new modules for user (um module) and script (script module) management
  • Application server for Microsoft Windows
  • Red Hat Linux supported for Application Server and Client
  • Oracle Database supported
  • New file manager with auto-completion, history and embedded filtering
  • GUI auto-save settings

Source BETA CAE Systems.

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