Scan to BIM Software Advancements from IMAGINiT
Shawn Wasserman posted on October 07, 2014 |
Pipe adjustment tools & Auto-Pipe Finder for Autodesk Revit.

IMAGINiT Technologies recently announced the release of Scan to BIM 2015.1. Among the key features added to this release are automated piping tools. These tools should save engineers time finding, inserting, and linking pipes from point cloud to an Autodesk Revit model.

Tim Johnson, IMAGINiT Sr. VP. explained, “The new Auto-Pipe Finder functionality in this point release dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes MEP engineers and scanning professionals to identify and connect pipes … Traditionally this process saw Revit users having to identify and connect pipes individually, often repeating these tasks hundreds or thousands of times during a project. Scan to BIM 2015.1 has automated this entire process, dramatically shortening the amount of time it takes to create a model from point cloud data.”

The Auto-pipe finder works within the Revit environment. It is a wizard-like tool that guides engineers through the modeling process. The tool will read in the point cloud, produce pipe runs, detect errors, and offer error solution suggestions using the pipe adjustment tools.

Other features in this release include:

  • A pipe color code based on proximity to ideal behaviour
  • Scanned pipes to Revit pipe element conversion
  • Edit pipes (insulation, connections, etc.)

For a demonstration of the tool watch the video below:

Source Business Wire.

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